Intervention Team Course

C.Q.B [Close Quarters Battle] TCS GROUP GREECE

C.Q.B [Close Quarters Battle] Intervention Team Course 30 hours

o Terrorism & Psychopathology
Unknown territory risk management

o The role of C.T.Team
C.T.Teams(S.A.S / GIGN / Spetsgruppa"?" )
Composition & role of a Leader/Sniper/Assaulter
Risk perception
Risk Analysis
Threat Assessment

o Basic Principles/8 fundamental rules of CQB
Preparation for overseas missions
Initiative Based Tactics (I.B.T.)

o 10 Rules of CQB
Objective and initiatives

o Tactical Firearms (budy budy)

o ?pproach to a ?ostile Region
Leapfrog (blue team & red team)
Fire and movement (Retreat & Reconstruction Team)

o Entry & Exit Procedure
Center & Corner Fed Room(2 methods)
Corner (Near/Far & High/Low Methods)

o Hallways & Stairwell movement
Stack Procedures (2 - 4 persons)
Danger Area & Room cleaning

o Center Fed Room & Corner Fed Room
Tactics positions / Area of responsibility

o Communications
o Observation

o Mapping Heating Area
o Drills with the Team (5 and 8 persons)

o Rappeling Tactics (Basic Skills) Extra*
Management of Rope & various types
Relay for rappelling & Basic Safety Rules
Basic & Adv. Techniques
Safety procedures with firearms


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